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GAME Secures Witcher 2 stock

GAME Secures Witcher 2 stock

GAME is bouncing back from its near shutdown miss, getting itself some stock of Witcher 2 in an effort to draw in some new game purchases.

Other updates for the still somewhat troubled retailer include the fact that reward cards and gift cards are back working,  trade-ins are now possible, pre-owned games can be bought and sold once again and the 28th day return scheme is also usable again.

“GAME, Gamestation and Namco Bandai Partners UK are pleased to confirm that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Enhanced Edition for Xbox 360 will be available from all GAME and Gamestation stores across the UK on the 17th April,” a statement reads.

“We can confirm that all customers who have pre-ordered the Dark Edition and the Enhanced Edition (standard edition) will receive the eagerly anticipated RPG for launch.

“For all questions relating to your order or the game, please contact your local GAME or Gamestation store and confirm your pre-order with them, online or in-store.”

GAME’s issues were highlighted in March by the unwillingness of several publishers/developers that refused to provide GAME with stock – most likely because they wondered if they’d ever receive payment for it.

Source: MCVUK

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