GAME looking to buy up HMV outlets

Despite closing around half of its own stores in early 2012, GAME is apparently interested in buying up certain HMV locations in order to expand. Here’s hoping that it offers to hire back some of the originally fired staff if they want it.

It’s not a small number. According to the Financial Times, current GAME boss Martyn Gibbs approached HMV and discussed possibly taking between 40 and 45 locations off the beleaguered store’s hands. Apparently the idea is to increase GAME’s exposure, buying up HMV locations where GAME hasn’t been able to have a presence.

When two become one? Eurgh, did I just do a Spice Girls reference?
When two become one? Eurgh, did I just do a Spice Girls reference? Source: Alamy / Getty and Jeff J Mitchell.

“We will constantly review our property portfolio based on what is available,” Gibbs said. “I would not rule out any stores becoming available, be that through an administration or normal property deals.”

While you might expect GAME to take it easy for a while, perhaps this is the best way – to be aggressive. The store recently introduced a more digital element, as well as pushing for Store-Lock-Ins where gamers can have a go at games before they are released.

Still, GAME isn’t the only one interested in the prime HMV locations, as apparently there are almost 50 companies vying for some of the prime real estate.

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