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Frozen Synapse Coming to iPad

Frozen Synapse Coming to iPad

The hit top down squad shooter tactics game from Mode 7 known as Frozen Synapse, and star of the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, is now set to debut on the iPad, though release date and pricing are yet to be released.

Perhaps some of the most impressive parts of this is that with the game’s turn based structure, it will be made cross platform compatible with PC, Mac and Linux versions.

Of course mobile fans will be asking whether they will be able to get a copy of this for their Android tablet and smartphones. The answer for the moment is we’ll have to wait and see. Mode 7 addressed this on their twitter, stating, “We will think about Android after we see the results of iPad, but we have no current plans”.

There is due to be a beta coming soon, but the full title is expected for release sometime in early 2012.

“Despite my lumpen, sausage-like digits, I am particularly excited about Frozen Synapse coming to the iPad,” Mode 7 Games joint managing director Paul Taylor said in today’s announcement. “I look forward to flicking my little green men around the place with wanton abandon.”

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