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Facebook won’t censor Indian criticism

Facebook won’t censor Indian criticism

Just two days ago the Indian government requested that Facebook censor certain images and statements criticising the ruling party. Facebook has now responded, saying that no, they won’t do that.

They’re not the only social network to be asked to take part in this pre-screening of content, with Google + and Twitter also being asked. As it stands they have yet to respond.

The reason for the request was that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the current congress party chief Sonia Gandhi were being heavily criticised on the social networks. Apparently they felt that that shouldn’t be allowed. Facebook’s official response corrected these feelings.

Facebook did say that they would remove anything that violated their terms and conditions, but that doesn’t include trashing of politicians. Of course anything that is considered to incite violence or hatred will probably get taken down, but calling the prime minister a dick will probably be fine.

As Fudzilla points out, perhaps if they don’t want to be criticised they shouldn’t pick a job that involves handling public speaking and social change; which of course will draw critique.


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