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Facebook Deletes Hacked Fanpages

Facebook Deletes Hacked Fanpages

Picture yourself as a social media mogul. You’ve built up a following of thousands of fans on Facebook. They help you generate revenue from your online business, contributing not only to your traffic, but to your very livelihood. Then imagine someone hacks your page and removes your admin rights. No problem right? Ask Facebook for help. The issue is that without admin control, they can’t verify you. So your only option is to have your page deleted; oh well, start again right?

Ali Naqvi, owner and director of had his page hacked and his admin access removed. Facebook’s only offered option was to delete the page.

“We had 6,000 fans who were genuine followers interested in our updates and clicking away. The clicks brought in about 10 to 15 per cent traffic every month,” he told The Reg. “My webpage does about 50,000 unique visits a month – it’s not huge, but at the same time, whatever traffic is there, 10 to 15 per cent is a big chunk of that.”

He’s hoping for other options, but in the mean time, he’s had to start over.

“I’ve actually started a new Page already, but the take-up is slow,” he said. “I spent two years building the 6,000 fan base and I’ve just started now so it’s only a couple of hundred on there. It’s not the same, it’s not going to bring the same amount of traffic.”

The fact that original administrators can be removed has certainly caused some issues, though Facebook has defended it by saying that this allows companies to remove people that have left their employ.

“As long as the current administrators of a group keep their login details secure, keep their account enabled, and do not allow any suspicious people to become admins, then the group or Page will remain secure,” Facebook said.

It seems likely that as more cases of this occur, Facebook will need to implement some sort of improved identity proving procedure as social networking is becoming more and more important for businesses to drive traffic to their own websites.

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