Epic Games working on cartoonish, zombie, building game

Epic Games has been quited focused on its Gears of War franchise in the past few years, but over the weekend a new trailer emerged for its next title: it’s known as Frostbite.

The short debut video – which has no in-game footage – shows a cartoonish graphical style, with characters using some sort of plunger ignited explosives to seperate materials from a multi-storey carpark. From there they take metal road signs, girders, wood and more back to their base of sorts – which we then see upgraded somewhat in timelapse fashion.

Night begins to go down as the finishing touches are put to the basecamp and we see a crouching zombie-ish thing emerge from a shadowey hole in the ground and begin molesting the camera. The sounds of gunshots begin as more and more zombies appear and then the trailer ends.

So it looks like we might have an exploratory horde mode done in Team Fortress 2 like graphics. The potential is certainly there for something interesting, though of course we’ll need to see some game play footage before really judging what the game will be like.

Here’s the trailer:


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