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EA Thanks Fans for Zynga Support

EA Thanks Fans for Zynga Support

EA games, a company that has seen its fair share of hate in the past decade for churning out endless sequels and lacking in innovation, has had its public image turned around in the past few years, to the point now, that when the company announced it was suing Facebook game maker Zynga for breaching copyright with game “The Ville”, gamers applauded.

Lucy Bradshaw, general manager at Maxis, the company behind the Sims games, said that: “This action definitely touched a nerve in the gaming community.”

“The response from peers within the industry, EA and Maxis employees and players of not only The Sims but all games in support of EA’s action was amazing and fast.”

“So here’s another post to simply say Thank You.  Your kind words and emotional support add strength to my conviction that we’re doing the right thing,” she put on the EA website. 

The first commenter seemed to sum up what many were thinking. He said that while not being a fan of EA, he hopes the company wins this suit, since he believes Zynga has ripped off many companies, often smaller developers that couldn’t hope to win a legal battle with Zynga. He ended the comment by hoping that EA wins.

However EA isn’t certain of that just yet. In the original announcement, it made it clear that while it of course hoped to win, if it didn’t it suspected that it could at least make a point. “Today, we hope to be taking a stand that helps the industry protect the value of original creative works and those that work tirelessly to create them.”

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