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EA Expands Origin Publisher list

EA Expands Origin Publisher list

EA’s Origin service looks set to become one of the first service’s that can give Valve’s Steam a run for its money, and they plan to make it so by increasing the number of publishers whose games are available through their service. The new additions include THQ, Warner Bros and Capcom, each getting a few new titles onto the distibution service.

Two of the biggest games to show up are Batman: Arkham City and Saints Row: The Third, with the first of the batch expected to show up in November, the others following along the proceeding weeks.

EA is not the only firm to have a digital distribution platform, Impulse, original created by Stardock and now owned by Gamestop is one option, there’s also the increasingly popular Good old Games who differentiated themselves by offering very affordable games from years gone by.

What does EA have going for it? Well if you want to play their games you have to use Origin. Unless you download the game illegally of course. What’s this? Another instance of a pirated game being easier to enjoy than the original? Who’da thunk it.

EA has over 100 games on their Origin platform at the moment, but is expected to continue this expansion, adding new publishers to it as soon as they can. They have a long way to go to rival Steam, but if they can it’s hardly a bad thing. Monopolies don’t do anyone any favours.

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