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Duke is Back!

Duke is Back!

In an event that will surely have skeptics' jaws dropping in surprise, it seems that Duke Nuke'm Forever is actually going to see the light of day with Gearbox Software showing off an impressive 15 minutes of game play video.

Duke Nuke'm Forever has been in development at this point for over 12 years. It went through several stages, a few different game engines and many, many deadlines. Last year, when supposedly nearing completion, Take Two sued developer 3D realms for not making good on their invesment. While folding, 3DR handed over the property rights of DNK to Gearbox Software.This was a smart move as the man behind Gearbox is Randy Pitchford who had worked on Mr Nuke'ms last hit title, Duke 3D. Despite the long abscence his heart has apparently grown strong in regards to the smoking, smack talking, babe wooing hero and now he's back at the helm."It's a large, large game" he stated in a recent interview, describing the protagonist, "In Duke's world this is all real s***. These f****** aliens are here and they're f****** our planet up and they're taking our chicks. There's a reason for that, and Duke is the only guy who can stop them. In his universe, that all makes perfect sense. As a result, he is the most important person in his universe. And he knows it. He enjoys it. He franchises it! He's got Duke Burgers opened up all over the country. It's a weird universe, but it works for him. He's the king!"Duke is a weird combination between Serious Sam, Bruce Campbell and Kurt Russel from Soldier. In the video he can be seen playing the latest build of forever, while receiving some oral treats from a pair of females. When finished one of them asks him, "So how was the game Duke, was it any good?"He gruffly remarks, "Yeah, but after 12 f****** years . . . it better be."

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