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DotA 2 Will Address Early Leavers, AFK, Ragequitters

DotA 2 Will Address Early Leavers, AFK, Ragequitters

Valve has announced through a blog post that they will be introducing some interesting systems in DotA 2 as part of their public testing period, that they say are designed to help perturb those that leave a game early or ragequit. They have been trying to gather as much information on this as possible internally, but in reality there is only so much testing that can be done with the Valve team; especially when the results are skewed by employees going AFK by getting locked out of their appartment when talking to the pizza guy.

like all thorny design issues that can’t be play tested internally, this is something we’ll be working on for some time in public. We think it’s a key problem in Dota 1 for us to solve in Dota 2

As they said, games like DotA, including League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, all suffer – more so in the lower levels of matchmaking – with those that leave a game early or go AFK, which makes it difficult for the rest of their team to recover. The problem is sorting the legitemate leavers – real life does have its priorities – from those that left to be a dick or because they couldn’t be bothered to finish the game.

Valve hasn’t speculated on what these preventative measures will be, but if it’s anything like measures taken by Riot Games in LoL, it’ll include a report system, sending disconnected players back to base camp. There’s the potential for AI takeover, but that’s not likely to please serious teams.

The blog post concluded by saying that they would continue improving their system for the ongoing future. They make it sound as if they will be doing this after the official release of the game, as opposed to simply some sort of open beta.

It’ll be an ongoing process for us as Dota 2′s player base expands, but it’s one we’re not going to stop working on until you tell us we’re done.

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