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Doom 4 on Hold

Doom 4 on Hold

Bethesda and Zenimax, the two companies behind the currently in-development sequel title Doom 4, have apparently put the game on hold due to concerns raised with reviews of their latest release, Rage.

While Rage was relatively well received across the board, it didn’t down as well as was expected. The engine used, id Tech 5, had several problems at launch, especially on the PC, with pop in textures and glitching being quite rampant. On top of that, several reviewers complained that despite the open world nature of the game, that it was in-fact rather linear and quite dull. This isn’t something that everyone agrees with, but enough have said it to make id Software reconsider things.

Apparently this has made them want to take the Doom 4 title more in hand and make sure that certain problems are avoided and that it meets its targets. For now it seems, that the game is on indefinate hold, but it seems unlikely that production won’t kick start again after a while. Doom 4 would sell well purely because of the series that it’s part of.

Update: id Software have released a statement countering this claim, stating that “no title under development at id has been postponed – indefinitely or otherwise.”

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