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DICE Discusses Dropping Commander roles in BF3

DICE Discusses Dropping Commander roles in BF3

DICE has released a statement to fans that have been complaining that they pulled the Commander role from their upcoming Battlefield 3 game. Players of BF2 and its derivatives like BF2142, enjoyed the few games where it worked well and a commander gave orders to squad leaders, who in turn took their troopers to the objectives and attempted to complete them. However, DICE explains that in reality, while this was a cool concept (and I’d still like to see them bring it back in a better implemented fashion) most games involved the Commander lying prone in some hidden corner of the map, not taking part in the combat and attempting to support its team.

They also said that they didn’t like that, “only one person per team could play it, and it was always the highest ranking one.” That sort of makes sense though, you don’t want noobs calling artillery strikes on your buddies.

However, these abilities won’t be dismissed, they’ll simply be filtered down. DICE explains, “We’ve tried to push this down into the squads so they can both fill the roles that the Commander had, but then also be an active soldier on the battlefield.”

Squad leaders will not have more advanced gadgets to help them support their team, whilst also taking the fight to the enemy themselves.

BF3 launches on Xbox, PS3 and PC in under a week, September 29th.

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