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Depth will have Shark vs Human Multiplayer

Depth will have Shark vs Human Multiplayer

There’s a tonne of FPS shooters out there, so many infact that in reality picking up a new one doesn’t really excite most. However, once in a while something comes along that makes you sit up and take notice, even if it looks far too tense for you to ever pick up and play. Depth is one of those games.

Based around the idea of divers vs sharks, players take to the waters in either of these rolls. The former makes their way to treasure deposits, while hoping to avoid their sharp toothed enemies. Conversely the sharks are there to get their grub on, that is to tear the divers limb from limb, quite literally as it seems. Shark attack animations were difficult to do according to developers, but thanks to Epic Games programmer¬†Ron Prestenback, players can literally tear legs and arms from their diving enemies; though if the equipment load out is anything to go by, they’ll have to take a knife to the nose in order to do so.


Playing as divers gamers will be able to utilise a variety of different equipment, the most notable of which is the tag gun. Tagging a shark makes it much harder for the stealthy and speedy predators to catch you by surprise. However, while one diver class known as the Hunter will be able to take sharks on head to head, most will need to play the stealth game themselves. Divers will go near invisible if they remain still in patches of weeds and they’ll need to use cracks and crevices to hide from their larger foes.

Sharks arn’t armed with technology, but nature has given them plenty of advantages. Sight and sound won’t be the only ways that they can track their prey. As in real life there will be a form of tracking known as Electroreception that lets sharks detect differences in the fluctuations of the electrical fields in the sharks habitat; in this case, divers going after their treasure. Players will however be able to influence this by utilising baits and feints to help deter and destract them in return.

Whichever side you pick, this game looks to be shaping up to be quite a stealthy, tense combat shooter. Instead of simple run and gun gameplay that CoD and its clones are gunning for, Depth looks like something a bit different. No release date as of yet, but the game is so far set as a multiplayer exclusive for the PC.

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