Dead or Alive 5 Trailer

Dead or Alive 5 is in the works and is nearing completion according to Team Ninja. They’ve released a new trailer for the game which can be seen after the jump. They’ve also unveiled an image of Kasumi looking sweaty, or crying it’s impossible to tell.

Team ninja has also been saying that they wanted to evolve the game from Dead or Alive 4, taking it from a beat ’em up, to a “Fighting Entertainment” title.

In the trailer we see Hayabusa Facing off against Hayate, the two arch nemesis from the past few games. I’m a little dissapointed to see that the move set look almost identical to the last game. However, the environment is where you’ll see some changes. It seems dynamic, with cranes moving and crashing into other bits of background. Some of this seems to interact with the characters, perhaps making for a more movie like scene.

It’s a beat em up though. With a fancy backdrop. That’s all.

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