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Could EA Purchase THQ?

Could EA Purchase THQ?

While it might be a nightmare scenario for some gamers, it looks like it could be on the cards, as Electronic Arts is eyeing up the publisher as it heads to auction.

In what seems like a sad affair for the long time publishing giant, responsible for game series like Dawn of War and the WWE games, THQ’s catalogue will be sold off title by title as of the 22nd of January. While there are likely to be quite a few companies vying for some of the properties, particularly the upcoming South Park game: Stick of Truth and The Saint’s Row series, EA is one of the few companies with the financial backing to be able to take them all on if it chooses.


So far EA has been said to be eyeing up certain titles and has made a visit to the company’s headquarters, though Ubisoft and Warner Bros. are also considering certain games, according to Eurogamer.

THQ filed for bankrupcty towards the end of 2012 and hoped to find a buyer the take on the company as a whole, but when that failed it was forced to put its properties up for sale.

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