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Consoles could Become Niche – Playfish

Consoles could Become Niche – Playfish

Playfish games chief executive Kristian Segerstrale has said that he believes in coming years, consoles could actually become a niche, as more casual games steal huge popularity on social networking sites and mobile phones. Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Segerstrale said: "I think that games consoles – while they might be an important part of the industry now – might become niche in the next couple of years. It's not at all clear if it even makes sense to deliver this type of gaming on a home console."The challenge is, no matter how social you try to make a console not everybody has one. Not all your real world friends will have the same console as you do. No matter how social you make it you will only reach, if you like, vertically. You will only reach your friends who have an Xbox 360."

So, everyone's coming back to the PC, combined with phones. PC gaming = win?

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