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Broadband not Running at Rated Speeds

Broadband not Running at Rated Speeds

In a giant survey, OfCom has discovered that despite marketing from many broadband companies suggesting that your speeds could be reasonably good, often that's not the fact at all.The "Up to" moniker attached to all broadband speed ratings, allows a loophole for ISPs not delivering high speeds even if it appears that way. "Nearly one fifth of UK broadband customers on an eight Megabit per second (Mbps) connection actually receive less than 2Mbps, it found.""It's very easy to go out and find out what the price of broadband is, but much more difficult to get a good understanding of what the observed speeds are likely to be," said Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards.

"The Ofcom study is important as it quantifies accurately for the first time what consumers have known for a long while – namely that you are extremely unlikely to receive the advertised broadband speed," said Charlie Ponsonby, chief executive of broadband comparison site Simplifydigital.

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