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British Intelligence Defaced Jihadist Magazine

British Intelligence Defaced Jihadist Magazine

While there are plenty of glamourous and heroic ways that the western world is helping to crack down on home brew terrorism, British Intelligence found quite a humourous way to put a stopper in some would be jihadist ideas; defacing their own magazine.

Inspire, considered the first English magazine to help teach the young and inexperienced of holy warriors, was launched in June 2010 with a digital PDF version following up shortly after. However, anyone downloading it would quickly find themselves looking at a bunch of mismatched characters; promptying many to be scared into thinking they’d downloaded a virus.

Apparently this was down to British intelligence forces, after US cyber command had their own attempt vetoed by the CIA. They believed that this would cut off an important line of information as well as reveal sources; seems the Brits has less of a problem with this.

Since the defacing, four more issues of inspire have been published without incident. Well you know what that means…

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