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BF3 Requires 2nd Disc Install for HD Textures

BF3 Requires 2nd Disc Install for HD Textures

Xbox gamers that want to have a truly prettier experience while playing Battlefield 3, seeing their combat play out in 1080p, will need to install the textures found on the 2nd DVD that comes with the game, as that disc is the one that holds all the HD textures.

The announcement was made by DICE executive producer Patrick Bach, stating that indeed players would need to install at least part of the Battlefield on their Xbox in order to get the full HD experience. PS3 players will have installed the entire game and its textures anyway, likewise with PC users, so neither of those platforms are affected.

This problem and solution cropped up simply because of the lack of space on standard Xbox Dvds, something that isn’t a problem for the PS3 which has included games on standard 20GB Blu Ray discs since its debut. DICE were also taking into consideration that there are some Xbox users that don’t have a hard drive at all, the old arcade users still rocking the 512MB memory cards; there can’t be many left but there’s probably a few.

No word on how large the install space will need to be, but it seems likely that 20GB Xbox users should still be ok since it’s just one disc of content.

Battlefield 3 is set to land on all platforms on October 28th.

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