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BF3 Cheats get banned

BF3 Cheats get banned

Announcing that with their zero tolerance policy with cheaters, EA Games is, “…determined to punish those players who play without integrity.” That’s right folks, if you don’t have integrity in Battlefield, you’re outa there.

This comes along with the revelation that EA has begun banning people that have glitched, hacked or cheated their way into the higher ranks of Battlefield 3, with the repair bot bug being the most common. This is where a team mate shoots your bomb disposal robot, which you then repair receiving experience for it. Repeat this, adfinitum and within a short while you’ll max out your rank and engineer tools.

However, now EA and DICE have begun banning players as well as wiping stats, forcing those not kicked off the game to start over.

Unfortunately this doesn’t fix the actual issue itself as no patch has yet been released, though it is thought that one is in the works and that it won’t be long before it sees the light of day.

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