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Bethesda are dead set on Changing Scrolls

Bethesda are dead set on Changing Scrolls

Bethesda studios, the guys behind Rage, Doom 4, Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls and more high ranking, huge titles. They’re a multi, multi million dollar company, and yet they are continuing with their suit against Mojang studios, the guys behind Minecraft.

Apparently the problem lies in the fact that they believe the upcoming 2nd game from Mojang, “Scrolls” is too similar in name to their Elder Scrolls series. I’m not kidding, they genuinly believe only they can make a game with “Scrolls” in the name. On top of that, court documents show that both games contain mountains. Yup. It’s that frivolous.

To put things into focus, Mojang’s Scrolls game is a board/card game hybrid. Elder Scrolls is a free roaming RPG title with in-depth stories, inventory’s etc. Their only argument is that both games have the word “scrolls” in their name.

The owner of Mojang, Markus “Notch” Persson has said that they are now going to court, despite him offering to play a game of Quake against Bethesda to settle the dispute. They really are tantrum throwing dummies for not following him up on this offer.

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