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BBC backs ‘Broadband Charter’ for ISPs

BBC backs ‘Broadband Charter’ for ISPs

BBC Tech chief Ashley Highfield hits back at Internet service providers who don’t want to pay extra for distributing bandwidth-intensive video and multimedia content.

In August last year, Tiscali suggested content providers should pay for the upgrade of broadband networks to support the growth in online content, other ISPs said they weren’t too bothered, but Ofcom has said it could be a problem in the future.Quotage:”In a posting on the BBC blog Highfield, the corporation’s director of future media and technology, said: I would not suggest that ISPs start to try and charge content providers. They are already charging their customers for broadband to receive any content they want.”And more:”To cope with the changing demands of these new types of content, Highfield recommends a “broadband charter” to let users know what they’re paying for.This could include the term ‘unlimited broadband’ meaning exactly that and for ISPs to guarantee minimum bandwidth rather than maximum, allowing users to know the level of service they’re actually receiving.“Well anything that makes ‘Unlimited broadband’ exactly that gets my vote.

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