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Batman: Arkham City to have Dead Shot

Batman: Arkham City to have Dead Shot

Some new hints at what’s going on in Batman’s upcoming game, Arkham City, have let loose that the Gotham version of Bullseye, Dead Shot, is set to make an appearance. Apparently he’ll be one of the game’s side quests, where the Dark Knight will have to figure out the motivation behind his accurate opponents assasinations.

“One of the mysteries that Batman is trying to solve is: what is Deadshot doing in there?” said game director Sefton Hill. “He’s finding these murder scenes and trying to figure out, what is Deadshot doing, what is his M.O, what is he after? As you play through the game you start to figure out the targets that he’s after. Deadshot realizes that Batman is after him, so Batman gets added to the list as well.”

There is a bit more of a dective spin on this Batman sequel, showing off his evidence gathering and deduction skills, along with the traditional Arkham Asylum style ass kicking of many, many opponents.

However, if you think Dead Shot will be a big part of the game, unfortuantely the fact that he’s “only” a side mission, puts him along with 11 other objectives that Batman has the option to take part in throughout the title.

“One of the nice things with the side-missions is they let us focus on different aspects of Batman’s character” continued Hill. “So, Deadshot focuses more on the forensics element and tracking down, doing that in a slightly more detailed way than we might do on the main story, on the main path.”

Dead Shot was showcased recently in the animated episode of Batman Gotham Knight where the caped crusader tried out a bullet deflection system which he ultimately disgarded as it was for him to take the risk of being shot, not those around him.

Good episode.

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