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Batman Arkham City to have Better Boss Fights

Batman Arkham City to have Better Boss Fights

One of the writers for the upcoming superhero sequel, Batman Arkham City, has revealed that the game will have much better boss fights than its prequel, Arkham Asylum. The original game, he felt, had far too many button mashing, punching sequences. Apparently for this next game they’ve tried to make them a bit more dynamic. What this actually means though, is anyone’s guess as he doesn’t elaborate much.

“There are certain elements that just seem very traditional for a fight based game, and that’s the game that we were making. In the end, we thought, ‘well, if we have to do those elements at least lets come up with the most creatively visual way we can of doing them’.

Instead of waxing lyrical on the new game, much of the interview was focused on trashing the last game, something that developers are want to do in an effort to make you go, “But I loved that game, this one must be awesome.”

“Once the game was released, we listened to what the fans liked, and what they didn’t like – but to some degree, we are kind of prisoners of the genre of our game. But we noticed areas that could have been stronger, and we learned from our mistakes, We’ve gone for maximum impact in Arkham City – both in terms of what you can do with a game, and where we can take the characters emotionally. We throw the player a few curves. There are more surprises, and more creative solutions.”

He finished by saying that while they had maintained Batman’s trademark punching mechanics, they had placed them in more interesting areas and added other elements to the combat to make it more dynamic and exciting.

“There are some traditional fight elements. But I’d say that we’ve opened it up a lot. The arenas in which these fights take place, and the fights themselves are more challenging and more surprising. You might be locked in a fight with a bad guy, but there are more ways to get through it that simply slugging him.”

Batman is set for release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on the 21st of October (in Europe, America on the 18th), with the PC release coming in early November.

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