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Arkham City on PC Release Date

Arkham City on PC Release Date

The release date for the PC version of Arkham City has been unveiled, being pushed back a little from the end of October date that was initially planned. Now it’s set to hit the shelves and be downloadable on November 18th.

Set to feature Games for Windows live support, Rocksteady games has said that they need this last few weeks of development to iron out a couple of bugs. There’s probably some reasons that they’ve been showing off the Xbox 360 versions at most trade shows.

Arkham City, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum, is set to feature a plethora of new enemies for the Dark Knight to face off against, including the Penguin, Two Face, Joker and more. Players will also be able to play ast Catwoman – and Robin if you pre-ordered the special edition – offering up different playstyles and combat abilities.

The Xbox 360 version landed yesterday if you’re in the US, and in a couple days time in this part of the world.

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