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Apple wins HTC patent row

Apple wins HTC patent row

Apple has won the legal battle between itself and HTC, where the judge ruled that Apple did not unlawfully use the IP of S3 graphics, a subsidiary of HTC.

S3 and HTC originally filed a suit claiming Apple had infringed upon four individual patents, with the technology being used in a large variety of Apple products. Naturally if they’d won the suit, it would have created severe problems for Apple, with the potential for licensing deals and bans. Fortuantely for the fruity fan boys, that didn’t come about.

To further end this dispute, the International Trade Comission has announced that it is no longer investigating this case.

Never fear though, there are still plenty of ongoing cases to get excited about. Who will sue who next? Who will win? Find out next week in, Smartphone Lawsuits!

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