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Apple warns developers to not manipulate App store charts

Apple warns developers to not manipulate App store charts

Apple has announced that developers should avoid using services that seek to manipulate App store charts in an attempt to boost sales, as it could result in the fruity firm revoking the developer’s license.

Released as part of a blog post by the firm, Apple suggested that instead of those wanting to improve an app’s marketing simply: “Get helpful tips and resources on marketing your apps the right way from the App Store Resource Center.”

It was a relatively recent revelation that developers were using third party organisations to help bump an app up the charts, not only gaining extra exposure but also making it seem much more successful to higher ups and investors. It’s not clear how Apple plans to track the illegitemate use of a third party company, since surely if you hired an organisation Apple would need to go through them to discover who’s behind it.

Still, with a harsher threat in place, it’ll be interesting to see if the practice continues.

However this issue has been small fry compared to the number of copycat titles appearing on the App store. These games and applications are complete rip offs of legitemate apps though made it through the approval process anyway.


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