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Apple Supplier Beats Reported for Breaking Secrecy

Apple Supplier Beats Reported for Breaking Secrecy

An Apple supplier has been accused of beating a reporter that exposed some of their manufacturing procedures, utilising what some have termed Apple's own internal secret police. The company has been accused of using draconian methods to protect its trade secrets in the past, and they can quite easily get away with it since a lot of their manufacturing takes place in the human right's capital of the world, China. A worker inside one of Apple's fabrication facilies comments, "Security is tight everywhere inside the factories. They use metal detectors and search us. If you have any metal objects on you when you leave, they just call the police."Workers on assembly lines are apparently not even allowed to know what they're working on.Describes one supplier, "The typical production line worker will not see the product until the very last minute when actual production takes place. It's all concentrated in the hands of a few product development teams."

It seems the US shouldn't be meeting with the Dalai Lama and trying to save Tibet, there are much more pressing matters with the opressed people of the Apple region of China. It seems that their opressors know no bounds. Step in Obama.

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