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Apple sues bankrupt Kodak

Apple sues bankrupt Kodak

Hoping to scoop up whatever remaining cash Kodak has, Apple is set to sue the bankrupt firm for – you guessed it – patent infringement.

Apple has said it also plans to file a complaint with the International Trade Comission, and a suit in the U.S. District Court. Interestingly the latter filing will be designed to stop Kodak using Apple’s patents in future – something that would be pretty hard to do if the company isn’t in operation at all.

As Fudzilla reports, the patent in question is one for an image-preview technology that both Apple and Research in Motion claim to own. However, RIM isn’t the only one that has contested this in the past. While Apple claims that it developed a digital camera in the 1990s and shared the technology with Kodak, the camera firm claims that it was more the other way around. Before the bankruptcy issues, Kodak was set to bring its own patent infringement suit against Apple.

In a statement released, Kodak said that it was a shame that Apple felt the need to continue legal proceedings against a company that was clearly in financial troubles because of these sorts of proceedings.

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