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Apple launches Android music store

Apple launches Android music store

Google has launched its own equivalent to Apple’s iTunes store with an Android based music download service. With the reduction in MP3 player usage and a prevalence of smartphone music listening, this presents a real threat to the fruity firm’s business which has dominated the music download industry for several years.

So far EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal and 23 smaller independant labels have signed up to the service, though Warner Music Group has opted out at this time.

With the growth of Android handsets well beyond that of Apple’s iOS devices, Google already has a strong market place for their service. That said Google + also had a strong market base to springboard off, but it’s not taken off as well as expected.

However, Google arn’t the only company looking to push into the music game. RIM are hoping to get their own interests put forward with the BBM Music which launched in the UK on November 15th.

In discussing Google’s move, Analysts believe it’s hardly a new idea, but it’s a good one.

“It’s not exactly innovative, but the reality is that Google will get success in the same way it has in other markets – by making the most of its strengths in search and Android, and it will keep chipping away,” said Colin Gillis, technology analyst at BGC Partners.

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