Apple Cockblocks Samsung in EU

Samsung can temporarily not sell their Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the European Union, except in the Netherlands thanks to an injunction handed down by the courts on behalf of Apple. This is the latest attack by Apple as part of their patent lawsuit against the Korean firm. This order was handed down by a German court.

Samsung has responded publicly stating that this injunction was made, “without any hearing or presentation of evidence from Samsung.”

The company said that they would “act immediately to defend our intellectual property rights.”

The Australian release of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has also been delayed in a similar manner while Apple and Samsung battle it out in the court room to see who stole what. While it does seem likely that the iPad and iPhone were used as inspiration for Samsung’s products as they do look very similar, the patent claims Apple are making are very broad sweeping which if passed could have drastic implications for other mobile manufacturers.

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