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Anti ACTA protests – how you can help

Anti ACTA protests – how you can help

The Anti Copyright Trade Agreement is set to be protested heavily tomorrow, 11th February. So how can you get involved?

The most obvious way would be to get yourself to one of the many protests occurring within the UK and Europe. For British citizens the main ones are being held in Nottingham, Birmingham, London and Manchester, though there are hundreds being held throughout the EU. For up to date information there’s a regularly updated map with details on each of the protests.

The main protest organisation site is LaQuadrature, which encourages users to contact their local representatives and members of European parliament to voice their concerns. The most important immediate action highlighted is to get in touch with members of the Committee on International Trade which is set to make a report on ACTA to the EU. LaQuadrature suggests that the following points are brought up when contacting my phone or email:

  • ACTA turns Internet companies (ISPs, service providers) into a private copyright police by forcing to take legal responsibility for what their users do online.
  • ACTA brings broad and dangerous criminal sanctions in a loosely defined way.
  • ACTA bypasses democracy and opens the door to a parallel legislative process, which the European MPs should be particularly angry about.

For anyone wondering about how far reaching the effects of ACTA are, the following video gives the best explanation:

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