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Angry Birds maker considering acquisitions

Angry Birds maker considering acquisitions

Maker of Angry Birds Rovio is considering buying up other game making or technology firms, with a real interest in expanding its current intellectual properties – which is just one.

Granted the firm has done extremely well with that one property, making a TV show, plushies, toys, multiple versions of the same game on different platforms with extra content – Angry Birds is huge, that’s what I’m getting at. However, keeping all your eggs in one basket is never a good plan, so Rovio is looking to expand.

CEO Mikael Hed has said that: “That’s another one of the areas we are starting to be ready for – acquisitions,” while speaking with AllthingsD. “It would be very easy for us to just go shopping. To get lasting benefit is the hard part.”

However there’s no rush though according to Hed. With all the different pies Angry Birds are now found with their talons in, there’s plenty to be doing and even if the game begns to die off in popularity, there’s all these extra revenue streams to continue developing.

There’s of course other companies looking to buy Rovio, namely Zynga, but for now Hed is just keeping his eyes peeled. “We are not in a rush to sell,” he said.

Apparently Rovio has a real committment to its gamers though and doesn’t see them as just a revenue stream. “Talking about ‘users’ is totally wrong. As long as you keep talking about users, you forget they are really human beings,” he said. “You are not making (things) for essentially a walking wallet.”


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