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Angry Birds Developer buys Futuremark game Studio

Angry Birds Developer buys Futuremark game Studio

Rovio, the developer behind the hit casual avian catapult game ‘Angry Birds’ has bought the game development arm of 3D Benchmark firm Futuremark.

“They are an incredibly talented and experienced team, and we are thrilled to have them on board,” said Mikael Hed, Rovio Entertainment’s CEO. “Rovio’s success is founded on the excellence of our team, and Futuremark Games Studio is going to be a superb addition.”

In the past the Futuremark dev. team has produced such games as Shattered Horizon, a relatively well reviewed zero gravity space shooter; Unstoppable Gorg, a less well reviewed space themed tower defence title and an game for the new ipad called Hungribles that was generally considered too easy.

With these titles in mind, it’s an interesting move by Rovio acquiring a studio that is certainly more well known for its affiliation with the benchmarking arm of the business than its games. Perhaps the Angry birds developer is more interested in developing something AAA in nature? Or at least with a more aesthetics focused experience. If Futuremark can nail one thing, it’s likely to be impressive visuals – indeed even Unstoppable Gorg was noted for its beautiful graphics and unique style.

“I am proud to see the potential of our talented games team recognised by Rovio,” said Futuremark CEO, Jukka Mäkinen.

“Futuremark will now focus on supporting gamers and industry with 3DMark, our professional grade benchmark which, in a new version to be released later this year, will allow unified gaming performance comparison across operating systems and form factors for the first time.”

That last sentence also implies mobile benchmarking. Perhaps Angry Birds will feature somewhere in that as part of a mobile arm of the long standing test suite?

Source: Games Industry

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