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American Cars to see Tighter Crash Tests

American Cars to see Tighter Crash Tests

American car makers are set to have more stringent crash tests imposed upon them in an effort to improve crash "results" meaning less injuries and deaths in accidents. Cars currently considered safe will be automatically passed but will receive a lower rating than newer vehicles that pass the tests with greater ease. "Ten years ago there were bad cars and there were good cars," said Dan Johnston, Volvo spokesperson. "Now there is not a bad car out there," when speaking of crash safety.Smaller crash test dummies are expected to be used to take into account female drivers meaning seat belts, seats and airbags will have to be adjusted for both sexes.

With these tests planned, its expected that it'll be a while before any car receives a 5 star rating, but when it does believe you me it'll be marketed to the hilt.

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