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America Looks to Legalise Online Gambling

America Looks to Legalise Online Gambling

The cash strapped US government is looking to rescind a law that has only been in place for a short while. Poker and other online games could once again be playable online in the US.

Somewhat in the face of their "land of the free" toting national anthem, online gambling was made illegal a few years back, but not it seems that people will be able to spend their own money how they like again.The reason for this is thought to be the fact that it will bring in a massive $4 billion for the federal government who is still looking to find funds whenever they can to help support not only the new health care reform, but also pull the US from their deficit.This act won't bring in sports betting, so placing money down on professional games like football, hockey and basketball online is still illegal, but card games and the like should be ok from now on.

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