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AMD Produces Child Stress Game

AMD Produces Child Stress Game

AMD has unveiled a game made by a group of teens, designed to show the stresses associated with the pressures they have to perform in school. While this might seem like elementary stuff compared to paying bills, figuring out your political allegiance and all the other things us working adults need to consider, I think John Cheese says it right with:

“I’m not going to sugar coat this: Adults tell you that high school is the best time you’ll ever have because they’ve forgotten what it was like.

The truth is, for many if not most of us, high school is one of the most difficult times you’ll ever live through. At that age, you’re expected to act like an adult while gaining none of the benefits of adulthood. You are criticized for virtually everything you do by just about every adult in your social and family circle. You’re expected to start holding up responsibilities, but under their rules.”

Well said.

Back on topic and the game is known as Stress Ops. Developed over the course of 22 different workshops and with only a nudge and a bit of coding help (AMD “stresses” about 10%) from the adults, 27 kids at the Dresden Media Culture centre developed a game that is designed to improve the learning capabilities of children.

This is part of an AMD inspired initiative to help children create their own games, giving them a taste of animation, art work, programmng and game design.

For more information check out AMD’s Changing the game initiative or the link below.

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