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AMD Appoints ex-Apple Higher up as Chief Tech Officer

AMD Appoints ex-Apple Higher up as Chief Tech Officer

AMD has appointed Mark Papermaster as their new Chief Technology Officer. He will be reporting to President and CEO Rory Rear and will focus on AMD’s engineering and research departments. It’s also said that he will be heading up a new Technology and Engineering group.

Essentially it seems that Papermaster will be focused on making sure AMD sticks to their roadmap successfully. This could hint at AMD’s recent Bulldozer debocles; perhaps they had to rush things out because deadline’s wern’t met, leading to the shoddy performance scores.

However, Papermaster doesn’t have a glowing past, being mostly blamed for the Antenna problems Apple suffered with their iPhone 4 coming out the gate. He was at the firm during that fallout, acting as Apple’s senior vice-president of devices hardware engineering.

He also made a stink when leaving IBM, by turning down a year’s pay to not go over to Apple when he decided to. He controversially turned down the offer.

“Mark’s appointment significantly strengthens AMD’s senior leadership,” CEO  Read said.  “Mark has held substantial engineering roles for three of the technology industry’s most innovative companies.  He is a proven winner who knows the industry, knows our customers and flat out knows technology.”

“The newly-created technology and engineering group aligns all of AMD’s outstanding technical talent into a centralized team which will improve our time-to-market and help lift our execution across the board.  Most importantly, this new organization accelerates our ability to consistently deliver on our customer commitments and help our customers win.”

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