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4G to Help Rural Broadband Efforts

4G to Help Rural Broadband Efforts

At the launch of its new 4G service, Everything Everywhere (formerly Orange & T-Mobile) spokesperson Mr Swantee has been discussing how the new fast, wireless platform will not only improve data transfers across the country, but allow for super-fast broadband in areas where it was previously not available.

“You can use 4G as an alternative to fixed broadband in areas where there are not many fibre cables,” said Mr Swantee. “We’re going to roll-out in rural areas like Wales, Cornwall and Cumbria next year. This is the fastest roll-out in UK history.”

Despite these claims however, some believe that Urban areas will feel the effects first, with London getting the initial roll out of 4G services – considering how many people live there, this makes total sense.

Dominic Baliszewski, telecoms expert at Broadbandchoices. co. uk said that “London will be the first European city fully covered by 4G which is great news for Londoners, although customers in rural areas have been forgotten once again in the broadband speed race. 4G had been hailed as an answer to the problems of rural communities struggling with poor fixed line speeds, but subsequent 4G launches from other providers will also likely focus on the more commercially viable urban areas.”

While 4G services have already been introduced in other countries, the UK has lagged behind because of arguments between the major mobile providers over how the auction should take place. Not it’s set to occur later this year, with other company’s 4G services to be introduced towards the end of 2013. The reason Everything Everywhere has the chance to offer 4G services sooner, is because it is re-purposing some of its current 2G network spectrum for 4G. It’s only capable of doing so because of the merger between Orange and T-Mobile gave it double the spectrum of other companies.

Source: Telegraph

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