4chan coming back online

After being down, up then down again for the past 48 hours, 4Chan.org, the imageboard famous for spawning such entities as Anonymous and some of the internet’s best loved memes, has began to come back online again.

However, according to the official status page and Twitter feed, the DDOS attack is still continuing. Both read that:

Site continues to be down due to a DDoS. UDP flood on port 80 FTW! Follow @4chan, @moot, and http://status.4chan.org for updates.

The Status page does list each facet of the site as being up and working. Certain segments of the site are accessible too so perhaps things are easing off.

Those responsible for the attack are staying quiet at the moment, though some have pointed fingers at Tumblr, thers at lulzsec with a very short pastbin posting lending a little credence to the latter rumour.

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  • kklacc

    Most people seem to be pointing fingers at tumblr so far