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14 staff let go at THQ Australia, Japanese office closing

14 staff let go at THQ Australia, Japanese office closing

THQ has begun its promised cull of admin and publishing staff from two of its facilities, releasing 14 from the Australian office and announcing the official closure of its facility in Japan.

No word from THQ on this announcement as of yet, but Kotaku has it from a solid source that the publishing giant is indeed in the process of downsizing its Australian facility. This isn’t massively surprising though, since THQ did announce that some members of staff would be let go in the coming months. However, the note on THQ Japan being closed down fully is a little more surprising, as it implies that more than just administrative and publishing employees would be looking for new jobs.

Other rumours circulating at the moment suggest that THQ might be lining itself up for sale. Shedding some of its exess weight in the wake of a poor 2011 – which saw two other studios in Australia close: Blue Tonque and THQ Studio Australia – could make the still major publisher a bit more attractive for perspective buyers, though THQ has officially debunked this rumour.

Fortunately for my own tastes Relic is being left well alone, so I still have my fingers crossed that Dawn of War 3 will still make it to market safe and sound.

Founded in 1989, THQ has a long history of game development and publication, but the last few years haven’t been so kind. In 2009 it published losses to the tune of $430 million, suggesting serious problems.

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