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120k Players join DC Universe Online

120k Players join DC Universe Online

Sony Online Entertainment’s superhero MMORPG, DC Universe Online, has gone free to play and as we’ve seen elsewhere with games like Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons, this has caused an influx of new players. The total of new gamers streaming in so far is 120,000, quite an impressive number for the game.

John Smedley, the President of SOE, says this has resulted in an increase of concurrent online players by 300% since the relaunch of the game with its new pricing model. There have apparently even been a few stability issues since the change over, with many people waiting to join the play and having to wait in queues.

The interesting thing though is that despite letting people join the game for free, this model has been shown to be quite profitable for all those involved. DC Universe’s new pricing structure is triple tiered. The free to play base version allows for two characters and lets you join a league. You can also explore the entire game and join in raids and more. If you want to expand your game on a specific basis, you can pay real money to buy new character slots, aesthetic tweaks and game packs.

Premium access is gained by spending any sort of money in the game over $5. Once you’ve done that, you’re Premium for life. This gives you a larger inventory, more character and bank slots, and more free Vault tickets.

The final band is Legendary which costs $15 a month. DLC packs for free, 16 character slots, 63 inventory slots, and the power to form leagues without any size restrictions.

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