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You can still buy the Ngage at Walmart

You can still buy the Ngage at Walmart

The Nokia Ngage was a big flop. It was too big and you had to hold it on the side for calls so it looked like you had a pie on your face. Despite this, apparently there’s still a few kicking around in the back of warehouses, as Walmart has it up on its site for sale, for $200 (£130).

Released in 2003, the Nokia Ngage was supposed to bring true gaming to the mobile phone. This was years before the true smartphone craze that saw real power in the handset, so what was on offer wasn’t hugely impressive, but it was the device’s poor handling of other phone features that made it more of a handheld console than a phone that could be used on a day to day basis.

People had gameboys for that, what exactly was Nokia expect to happen?

The adverts for the Ngage weren’t great either.

In some ways it was ahead of its time, with the whole wireless, mobile gaming, but it was its poor phone capabilities that really put this one to bed.

If you do happen to want to buy one new from Walmart and not for £10 on ebay, here’s where you can do it. 

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