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Xbox Avatar’s get Kinect Support

Xbox Avatar’s get Kinect Support

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Avatars, the embodiments of their players, can now be controlled via the Kinect motion tracking hardware. The update can be downloaded free from Kinect Fun Labs by anyone that has the Kinect sensor.

Avatar Kinect is designed to allow gamers to chat to each other using the camera, taking screen shots and videos and have their little Avatar’s making the motions that the players themselves make. Expect lots of people trying to make the finger on their first outing. However, thanks to Microsoft cutting back on the Kinect’s sensitivity, individual fingers can’t be tracked. Any videos and pictures taken can be easily shared on Facebook or as well.

This isn’t the only Kinect update coming out soon though. On the 28th, players can look forward to Kinect Sparkler, though it will cost 240 Microsoft Points or $3 to purchase. It is essentially a whiteboard system which could actually work pretty well as some kind of tactics discussion system before multiplayer games if implemented well.

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