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Xbox 720 “Loop” and PS4 in development rumours

Xbox 720 “Loop” and PS4 in development rumours

There’s a few rumours floating around that the next generation of consoles are already being developed for. The Wii U was already a shoe in with Nintendo announcing its impending unveiling at E3 next year.

Some sources claim that the Xbox 720 loop will include dual CPUs and up to six seperate graphics cores, which would certainly give it a hardware upgrade over the current generation’s single offering of both. If each graphical core was based off of AMD 6 or 7 series hardware too, that would be quite a boost over the 360’s 2 series based GPU.

Fudzilla is reporting that developers likely receiving more detailed specifications, giving them the ability to begin coding for target boxes soon. These systems are designed to emulate the finished console’s specifications, allowing for early stage development. True dev. kits are thought to be showing up before the end of the year, with some rumours that we could see an early Loop build by CES next year.

There’s less information about what Sony are doing, but it’s thought that one of the larger studios under its belt has shifted its entire development focus to the console and its future titles. One thing Sony doesn’t want to do is be late to the party again. This screwed it royally with the PS3, the late release of the console leaving them severely lacking in early hardware sales.

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