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Xbox 720 Loop and PS3 to debut at E3 2012?

Xbox 720 Loop and PS3 to debut at E3 2012?

The rumour mill is gathering pace as we approach CES 2012, but it’s E3 that has the console nerds salivating as it’s now looking like this is when gamers will get their first look at the next generation consoles from not only Nintendo, but Microsoft and Sony as well.

With the current gen consoles, 360, PS3 and Wii, the Xbox sequel was by far the first to market, having almost a year lead in over both competitors. Nintendo caught up throughout the next few years by offering something different with its motion tracking Wiimotes and its competitive price tag. Sony however struggled to keep up, as its overly expensive hardware, reliance on Blu-Ray discs and the fact that it didn’t offer anything particularly unique kept it from real popularity. It seems likely that the Japanese firm is keen not to repeat this with the PS4 and will do its utmost to keep pace with the developments of its rivals.

As we enter 2012 the playing field is a little more even, though handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS are clearly out in front of the home systems. That isn’t likely to change with a new generation, but considering over 50 million Xbox 360s have been sold throughout it’s lifetime, a new generation of high definition consoles would havly be a poor earner for the firms involved.

Expect E3 to bring hardware and software demos of both Sony and Microsoft’s new hardware, while we can look forward to a little more information from Nintendo, perhaps pricing information before a launch sometime in Q3 or 4 this year.

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