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Wii U Development not going well

Wii U Development not going well

Reports are trickling in that the development of Nintendo’s next console, currently known as the Wii U, is not going well. So bad in fact, that the Japanese gaming giant has yet to produce a fully working prototype of the unit.

German site 01net broke the news initially and are well known for being on the ball with such information. Apparently, the current situation of the Wii-U has been titled, “development hell.” They also said that so far there have been three prototypes, none with working wireless and that the blame is placed on a development period that is far too rushed and short as well as the main chipset being cripple from cost cutting.

The Wii U is thought to be in the pipeline for a 2012 release, but if they arn’t even testing titles on a working prototype, it seems unlikely at this stage. Microsoft and Sony are also thought to be developing their own hardware sequels though they could take a little longer. E3 2012 is the date that will see the first real informatin for these next-gen consoles.

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