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Wii U Controller Image Shows Tweaked Thumbsticks

Wii U Controller Image Shows Tweaked Thumbsticks

A new picture of the upcoming Wii U controller has sparked interest in the next-gen system once again, as this image appears to show the touch screen controller with adjusted thumb sticks.

It showed up on the twitter account of a QnA tester at lego developer TT Games, making it seem incredibly likely that an NDA has been broken with this image. That said, it’s nice when gamer fans get thrown a bone once in a while.

This latest image shows fully fledged thumbsticks, whereas in the past there were mere nubs suggesting a new direction in controller design beyond just the touch screen. However this latest version appears to show much more typical analogue controls.

The Wii U was initially debuted at E3 2011, with the hardware and controllers shown off, but with neither of them powered on. With an intended end of year release date, E3 2012 is expected to see Nintendo really show off what the next-gen system is capable of and perhaps some of its planned launch titles.

Microsoft and Sony will certainly be watching closely, having chosen to not début their own hardware this year and instead wait for 2013 before any of its competitive console components begin appearing in the wild.

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