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Wii U confirmed for 2012 release

Wii U confirmed for 2012 release

It has been confirmed by Nintendo President Sahtoru Iwata that the successor to Nintendo’s hit Wii console, the Wii U will be released this year across all regions.

This announcement came during talks about Nintendo’s current financial situation, which thanks to increasingly strong sales of the 3DS, is staying afloat, but the Japanese firm will eat a 65 billion Yen loss on the last financial year. It was expected that Nintendo would be showing off the next-generation console at E3 this year, so it’s not too surprising that an official launch confirmation for the end of year season has now been made.

It was E3 2011 that saw the Wii U revealed for the first time, with much speculation about its internal hardware as well as the touch screen, tablet like controllers that Nintendo was touting. The console itself won’t be anything extraordinary, packing in hardware equivalent to – educated guesses – about 50 per cent more powerful than current generation Xbox 360 and PS3. In contrast, the next generation Microsoft console is thought to be upwards of 5 times more powerful than the 360 – including a 7000 series GPU to boot.

The Wii U will also make use of AMD hardware, taking onboard a 5000 series chip specifically designed for the console. The processor is thought to be a quad core 3GHZ chip, with 768MB of onboard memory backing it up.


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