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What’s your next big thing in display tech?

What’s your next big thing in display tech?

There’s been a lot of talk about the next-generation of display technology over the past year or so. For a while 3D seemed like it might make enough of an impact to become the next big thing, but now it’s sort of petered off and really, no one cares. It’s nice when it’s there (unless it gives you a headache) but it’s just not necessary to enjoy a good movie. HD on the other hand, becomes something you get used to and miss when it’s not there, but 3D just doesn’t cut it.

So if you’re looking to the future and thinking what you might get as your next gaming display, you could of course just go bigger. An extra couple of inches is exciting in whatever dimension it is (Richer Sounds is our recommendation there), but will that make a big impact? Chances are, the next big change up in people’s living rooms, will be a 4K setup. These are still pipe dreams for most people though, as the cost just hasn’t come down that far yet. That said, they’re crashing down much quicker than 1080P HD did, with some manufacturers already putting out average quality 4K setups for under two thousand dollars.

The giant ones of course, the 90 inchers out there, will still set you back a good five figures, so again, it’ll probably be a while till we all adjust to these new ultra detail levels – not to mention have the hardware that can handle that sort of resolution. The next-gen of consoles should theoretically be able to handle 4k video resolutions, but 4k rendering in a next-gen game? That’s a little harder to stomach.

Current generation desktop PCs with a titan or two onboard might be able to do some pretty high resolutions, but 3840 × 2160, with a bit of FXAA and all the usual tessellation and other features you find in contemporary games? I’m not so sure. It’ll certainly be a couple more generations before the average gamer spending £120 on a new graphics card could consider such resolutions as viable.


VR Jam sounds delicious



That’s why I’m looking forward to the Oculus Rift the most. It’s only recently seen its display upgraded to 1080p HD, but from the reviews that have poured in and some of the exciting development that are being made on it – there’s even a game jam to help develop new and exciting ways to play with the virtual reality display.

And that’s the most exciting part, is it’s the first real step we’ve made towards virtual reality. It’s a very immersive piece of tech and it puts us one step closer to renacting LawnMower Man. Anyone? No?

Even if that’s just me, the idea of getting hold of one of those omni treadmills and running around while having full head tracking – and perhaps even full motion tracking as well through Kinect for Windows – is pretty exciting.

Of course ideally, we’d all have a 4k display on the wall and an Oculus rift on our face, but only a few of you can afford that sort of setup. For the rest of us, what are you looking forward to in future display tech the most?



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